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Step 1: Website Critique

Six Steps To More Sales - Step 1: Website Critique

October 2014
Step 1: Website Critique

If you're like most people, you're probably quite proud of the effort you put into your website. And so you should be – it's hard work getting it right!

However, when you're living and breathing something so personal it can be difficult to be impartial, to step back and look at it constructively or with a different pair of eyes.

This is where a Website critique comes in.

It looks at your site from a customer's perspective, tells you what messages they're receiving, informs you if the call to action is jumping out at them and suggests improvements. It shouldn't just look at the negatives but also the positives, to ensure you keep doing the good things and can address the rest.

You'll be surprised what you find out.

We advise our clients to carry out their website critique at least once a year but not to use the same people to do it. We go into the crowd and select different companies, with different views. This keeps it fresh and provides you with new ideas.

The output from the exercise is a list of suggestions, some of which you will know about and some of which you will not have thought of.

These then need to be added to your backlog - [Definition: A list of user stories that describe the work] - costed and prioritised, ready for implementation.

It's a great way to generate new ideas or validate your thinking. It's worth the money, for sure.

In Step 2 we're going to talk about the benefits of Online Silent Shopping...



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