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We all want sales, don't we?

We all want sales, don't we?

September 2014
We all want sales, don't we?

One of the biggest challenges for any company is getting sales and to feed your addiction to them you need to know where they're likely to come from. Whether through references or paid advertising they're not easy or cheap to get.

References will only come if you've put the effort in to being the best and encouraging your customers to promote your services. Whilst paid advertising is not cheap and if your PPC is setup incorrectly it can be an expensive business.

So this week was a bit of an eye opener for me.

Firstly, I had to call a solicitor to setup a meeting for my father and sort out his will. This sort of thing is never fun but it's got to be done.

So, I searched online for local solicitors, found one, visited their website and then picked up the phone. A very well spoken lady answered and attempted to put me through to her colleague to no avail. "Would you like me to get someone to call you?", she said. "Yes please", I said and I gave her my number. To this day I have never had a call!

Secondly, while still sorting my father out, I called a company to get him a new bed.

My mother-in-law had provided me with a tear out from a paper so I called the advertiser and got through to another well spoken person. Instead of going through the process of getting a brochure I asked for the web address, as it wasn't on the ad, which she gave me. When I then asked if she wanted the reference of where I saw their advert and what day it was run, she said it wasn't necessary.

I have to be honest, in both instances I was a bit taken aback. They're obviously surviving and probably thriving but how do they do so without following up enquiries and logging the effectiveness of their marketing spend?

For me, making sure all of your enquiries are logged and that a solid process is in place to follow up each and every enquiry is key - your sales person should be champing at the bit to get this information.

Also, making sure you are aware of where your sales are coming from should be built into every conversation with a potential client. It only take two seconds and could significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing spend.



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